Zsite 8.0.1 is released!

Zsite 8.0.1 is released! License management is optimized.
2020/04/06   Renee Teng   4

Zdoo upgraded its brand image and user experience

Zdoo has its brand image and user experience upgraded.
2020/04/03   ZDOO   6

ZenTao Enterprise 3.7 has been released

ZenTao Enterprise 3.7 has been released! This version is compatible with the open source version 12.2.stable and to fix workflow bugs. You can check ZenTao open source 12.2.stable Chang...
2020/04/02   Renee Teng   6

ZenTao Pro 8.8 is released

ZenTao Pro 8.8 is released, which is mainly to be synchronized with the open-source version 12.2 features, fix bugs, and add Today tag to Gantt Chart feature, in order to better oversee the progress of the project.
2020/04/02   Renee Teng   5

ZenTao Open Source 12.2.stable is released

ZenTao Open Source 12.2.stable is released. This version mainly adds parent-child stories, and is compatible with Xuanxuan IM 3.2.1.The parent-child story allows users to manage stories more co...
2020/04/02   滕菲   7

禅道企业版 3.7 版本发布,主要修复工作流Bug

大家好,禅道企业版 3.7 版本发布,该版本兼容开源版 12.2 ,主要修复工作流Bug。
2020/03/29   王怡栋   46

禅道专业版8.8 版本发布,主要兼容开源版12.2

大家好,禅道项目管理软件专业版 8.8发布,主要兼容开源版12.2,修复Bug,甘特图增加今天标记,以便更好的掌握项目进展。
2020/03/29   王怡栋   45


2020/03/29   王怡栋   45


2020/03/28   郝永红   71

喧喧发布 3.2.1 版本,新增网络诊断功能,提升音频会议体验,并修复已知Bug

大家好,喧喧发布 3.2.1 版本,主要新增网络诊断功能,方便管理员排查部署和用户登录时的联网问题,除此,还进一步优化提升了音频会议体验,并修复已知Bug。
2020/03/26   薛才杰   52