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2019-12-07 10:27:43
Aakash Nandakumar
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The Issues With Traditional Ticketing Systems
For long, ticketing systems have been known for taking the support service of a business to new
heights. In fact, they do stand to be a better solution when it comes to automating workflow and
making the team productive. But, if you consider the promises that are made by most of the
, then the traditional versions would undoubtedly fail.
In this article, you will get a closer look at the importance of innovative and up-to-date software
and what are the aspects in which the conventional systems fail miserably. Without any further
ado, let's know more about the claims of traditional software and where exactly do things
become uneasy for them.
The Claims of Traditional Ticketing Software
Like the majority of ticketing systems out there, even traditional variants have their own set of
claims for businesses, and these include:
● Collaborative: The software is often combined with a knowledge base, allowing multiple
teams to assign and perform their work, reducing the possibility that your team ends up
working on the requests that were resolved before.
● Organization: The tickets are organized in a single or separate queue, where the support
staff only has to open the system to track the status of various tickets and the
progressions made for resolving them.
● Reports: Want to have the exact number of tickets that your team has worked on? With a
ticketing system, you will never have to think about manual calculations ever again. Plus,
you can prepare targeted reports using the desired parameters such as kinds of tickets
or the customer executive who managed them.
● Important Tickets: There is so much work that has to be done, and while some of them
might be of utmost importance, some can wait. With the implementation of ticketing
software, you are able to prioritize the issues raised by customers.
Well, traditional systems often assure to deliver the aforementioned advantages and more. But,
can this be regarded as the truth, or is there something else that is missing