Zsite 8.4 is released!

ZSITE 8.4 is released!
2020/07/15   Renee Teng   21

ZDOO Cloud is upgraded 5.0.1

ZDOO Cloud has been upgraded version 5.0.1.
2020/07/15   Renee Teng   10

ZenTao Enterprise 3.7.2 is released!

ZenTao Enterprise 3.7.2 is released! This version is compatible with the open source version 12.3.3 and to fix bugs.
2020/07/13   Renee Teng   15

ZenTao Pro 8.8.3 is released

ZenTao Pro 8.8.3 is released. Bugs that are related to reports have been fixed, including custom reports, team workload, and data errors in effort summaries.
2020/07/13   Renee Teng   22

ZenTao Open Source 12.3.3 is released

ZenTao Open Source 12.3.3 is released. Parent stories cannot be related to plans or projects and related issues caused are fixed. Security loopholes are fixed and performance is improved.
2020/07/11   Renee Teng   16

Install Redis for PHP 7.2 (Windows)

Redis is completely open source and free. It complies with the BSD and is a high-performance key-value database.
2020/07/11   Ley Boi   12

ZDOO 5.0.1 is released!

ZDOO 5.0.1 is released! This release is to fix bugs in CRM, CASH, OA and backend. Also, several sever bugs such as exporting customer information, importing accounting, and setting Amoeba subjects, are resolved.
2020/07/10   Renee Teng   17

The Most Popular Test Management Tool 2020

51Testing, a software testing service provider, released the 13th Survey on the Current Situation Software Testing Industry 2019 earlier and ZenTao is again selected the most popular test management tool with 43%, compared with Jira 26%.
2020/07/01   Chris Mirai   47

Zsite 8.3 is released!

Zsite 8.3 is to add more features and WeChat mini programs
2020/07/01   Renee Teng   26

ZDOO 5.0 is released!

ZDOO 5.0 is released! The Flow feature has been optimized with a visual editor which can display the complex process definitions through graphics
2020/06/25   Renee Teng   33