Use Supervisor to manage Laravel queue

2020-06-18 09:06:14
Ley Boi
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1. Install Supervisor in Linux

  • Python pip:  sudo pip install supervisor
  • Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install supervisor
  • CentOS: yum install -y supervisor

2. Configure Supervisor

2.1 After it is installed,  supervisord.conf   is in /etc. If not, run  echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf to  create one.

2.2 Run  mkdir /etc/supervisor/ to create a directory to save configuration files. Go to this directory and run  touch laravel-worker.conf. Then laravel-worker.conf is created. Edit this file and enter the configuration as shown below.

command=php /www/wwwroot/ly_blog/code//laravel_blog/artisan queue:work --tries=3

2.3 Save the file, then go to the end of  supervisord.conf  and change the path as shown below.

files = /etc/supervisor/laravel-worker.conf

Note: Remove  ; .

3. Start Supervisor

Run supervisord -c /etc/supervisord.conf. If it is started, use ps -ef to check PID and kill to finish the task.

4. Listen tasks and keep the queue running

Run the following commends one by one.

sudo supervisorctl reread -- Restart all prgrams in configuration files
sudo supervisorctl update -- Update configurations to supervisord

sudo supervisorctl start laravel-worker:* -- Start a prgram (program_name=the program name you configured)

Note: In case of laravel-worker: ERROR (no such group), check whether the path is /etc/supervisor/laravel-worker.conf and whether the admin account is user=root.

5. Check the status of Supervisor

Run supervisorctl status to check the status.

6. Test whether it works