​Zdoo Pro 3.0.stable is released!

2019-05-23 13:56:49
Michi Ten

Zdoo Pro 3.0.stable is released! This release is to enhance the Amoeba and report feature, to optimize detail and to fix bugs. 

About Zdoo Pro

Zdoo Pro 3.0.stable is based on Zdoo open source 5.2.stable. For the change log, refer to Zdoo Open Source 5.2.stable .

Zdoo is encrypted software and users need to install Ioncube to decrypted it. The free trial is 3 month and up to 3 users. If you need more licenses,contact us at Renee@easy soft.ltd.

Change Log


5777 Add Income bookkeeping by company.
5772 Set a limit to commission rate and switch to different rate.
5767 Add hot keys to check salary slips.
5710 Add links between bookkeeping and invoice.
5706 Add REVIEW to the purchase workflow.
5316 Keep the name and logo of Zdoo the same as local version.
5161 Adjust time and date format in Zdoo.
4974 Optimize PSI-Delivery translation.
5455 Remove Gross Profit.

5454 External Incomes are categorized by product in Amoeba Report.

5453 Change Allocation rules to allocate by product.
5452 Clean data from other committers.
5451 Add Quote Management feature in Sales.
5446 Add tips for Create Budget.
5444 Put Incomes to the top of a report.
5442 Add Monthly Budget and Weekly Budget.
5391 Change Guest to System for Share in Amoeba.
4934 Batch Edit Income in Amoeba Report is not working.
4928 Blank space is too much in Amoeba Report.


1489 Handler in Reimburse can't be blank.
1488 Code error in Edit Reimburse.
1747  Loading search result in CRM->Invoice is too slow.
1683 Delete files from History is not controlled by privilege on Zdoo Mobile App. 
1691 Delete templates  is not controlled by privilege on Zdoo Mobile App.  
1693 Error in Invoice Report.
1694 Order without a invoice is not reported.
1470 Error jump when clicking Finish Todo button in Dynamics. 
1529 HR and welfare name display error. 
1608 CSS files are loaded twice.
1444 Scrolls at the bottom of Amoeba Report page are displaced. 
1724 Close a work order and error prompts.
1604 Optimize the style of Todo for weekends on My Dashboard.



For Installation, refer to HERE .

For Ioncube installation, refer to HERE .

If you are interested in knowing more about Zdoo , feel free to contact us at Renee@easysoft.ltd or add Nature Easy Soft ( tengfei@cnezsoft.com) via Skype.

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