ZenTao Open Source 12.3.1 is released

ZenTao Open Source 12.3.stable is released. This release mainly fixes bugs and the followings are optimized:The user story and the software requirements are improved. UserS can ...
2020/05/21   Renee Teng   22

ZDOO Self-Hosted 4.1 is released!

ZDOO 4.1 is released! CRM, Flow, Amoeba and other three features have been optimized and tested repeatedly to reduce the probability of bugs.
2020/05/21   Renee Teng   14

Zdoo upgraded its brand image and user experience

Zdoo has its brand image and user experience upgraded.
2020/04/03   ZDOO   45

Bookkeeping in Zdoo CRM

What is bookkeeping?If you are a small business owner, you either have to set up your own accounting system or hire someone to do it for you. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transact...
2019/09/15   John Ten   363

Trends of CRM Features in 2019

As science and technology are moving forward, CRM tools are adding more features. Artificial Intelligence(AI), digital marketing, Internet of Things(IoT) etc. are getting more involved in every aspect...
2019/08/24   Mirai Ten   305

​Zdoo Pro 3.0.1 is released!

Zdoo Pro 3.0.1 is released! This release is to optimize detail and to fix bugs. About Zdoo ProZdoo Pro 3.0.1 is based on Zdoo open source 5.2.stable. For the change log, refer to Zdoo Open S...
2019/06/01   Michi Ten   277

​Zdoo Pro 3.0.stable is released!

Zdoo Pro 3.0.stable is released! This release is to enhance the Amoeba and report feature, to optimize detail and to fix bugs. About Zdoo ProZdoo Pro 3.0.stable is based on Zdoo open source ...
2019/05/23   Michi Ten   352

Zdoo 5.2.stable is released!

Zdoo 5.2.stable is released! This release is about the refactoring of Product Line, Product. and Category. Reimbursement workflow is optimized, and the latest version of Xuan IM is integrated. Meanwhi...
2019/05/16   Michi   407

5 reasons to choose a SaaS CRM

There was no such thing as a CRM system. When it is getting more and more hard to do business and get customers, there it is.CRM has become the buzz word for any sales-driven companies. With the...
2019/04/01   Amber   309

Zdoo: simple CRM and more than just a CRM

Apart from the affordable pricing(click HERE for plans) of Zdoo, the CRM related features are worthy of your purchase. Zdoo CRM can help users build stronger customer relationships and collaborate acr...
2019/03/24   Amber   1005