ZSITE 8.6.1 is released!

ZSITE 8.6.1 is released!Vulnerabilities in file upload and code execution are fixed; the manual feature, user profile and other functions are improved; bugs reported by users are fixed. With ...
2020/10/20   Zsite Official   2210

ZDOO 5.1 is released!

This release implements requirements from users and the development team, such as the export and search functions of receivables/payables, and the search functions of orders in invoicing and inventory. The function of CRM is further improved, and major bugs are fixed.
2020/08/17   ZDOO Official   889

ZDOO Cloud is upgraded 5.0.1

ZDOO Cloud has been upgraded version 5.0.1.
2020/07/15   Renee Teng   822

ZDOO 5.0.1 is released!

ZDOO 5.0.1 is released! This release is to fix bugs in CRM, CASH, OA and backend. Also, several sever bugs such as exporting customer information, importing accounting, and setting Amoeba subjects, are resolved.
2020/07/10   Renee Teng   798

ZDOO 5.0 is released!

ZDOO 5.0 is released! The Flow feature has been optimized with a visual editor which can display the complex process definitions through graphics
2020/06/25   Renee Teng   733

ZenTao Open Source 12.3.1 is released

ZenTao Open Source 12.3.stable is released. This release mainly fixes bugs and the followings are optimized:The user story and the software requirements are improved. UserS can ...
2020/05/21   Renee Teng   739

ZDOO Self-Hosted 4.1 is released!

ZDOO 4.1 is released! CRM, Flow, Amoeba and other three features have been optimized and tested repeatedly to reduce the probability of bugs.
2020/05/21   Renee Teng   838

Zdoo upgraded its brand image and user experience

Zdoo has its brand image and user experience upgraded.
2020/04/03   ZDOO   1205

Bookkeeping in Zdoo CRM

What is bookkeeping?If you are a small business owner, you either have to set up your own accounting system or hire someone to do it for you. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transact...
2019/09/15   John Ten   1969

Trends of CRM Features in 2019

As science and technology are moving forward, CRM tools are adding more features. Artificial Intelligence(AI), digital marketing, Internet of Things(IoT) etc. are getting more involved in every aspect...
2019/08/24   Mirai Ten   1240