ZSITE 8.6.1 is released!

2020-10-20 09:00:00
Zsite Official

ZSITE 8.6.1 is released!

Vulnerabilities in file upload and code execution are fixed; the manual feature, user profile and other functions are improved; bugs reported by users are fixed. With this update, the security of the ZSITE has been improved and it is more convenient to use.

Change Log


  1. Adjust the interaction of the maintenance page of the manual to solve opening the directory level by level after maintaining the sub-chapters
  2. The default address set by the background CDN is changed to “//cdn. chanzhi.org/XXX”.
  3. Added user name verification on the page of setting up the administrator account for the first installation.
  4. Add the display of "username" to the personal information in the user center.
  5. The user who did not fill in the name will display "Username" in the upper right corner of the page after login.
  6. Add ID field to the list related to background content.
  7. The copywriting of the navigation menu "Slideshow" in the background component menu is unified as "Carousel".
  8. When adding/editing product blocks in the background, the "image" option is changed to checked by default.
  9. The last login time in the background user list shows the year.


  1. Some versions cannot be upgraded to the latest one.
  2. Fix background files and code vulnerabilities; increase mandatory file verification.
  3. The third-party login at the front desk cannot be unbound.
  4. The breadcrumb navigation of the front manual does not change with the content.
  5. The directory cannot be viewed in the mobile manual.
  6. Extra spaces in the content of articles and manuals.
  7. Fix the style on the manual detail page.
  8. Fix the problem of reporting an error when saving a post after editing.
  9. Fix the bug that the background form copy does not copy the content of the options.
  10. The background form list shows incorrect answers.
  11. The permission to check "Website Edit/Customer Service" when adding users affects the "Batch Delete" button in the user list.
  12. Fix some issues that affect user experience.


One-Click Installation Package for Windows

  • Windows 64-bit one-click installation

     Official Website

  • Windows 32-bit one-click installation

     Official Website   

PHP Package


Before downloading and installing Zsite, make sure that your server (virtual space) has installed Ioncube(refer to  Install Ioncube Instruction, a decryption extension. If your server does not support the decryption extensions, it is not recommended that you upgrade it. 


  Installation Manual

  Update Manual


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