10 Best Test Management Tools 2019

Test management are to ensure that stories of a product are properly developed and bugs are fixed, so the deliverable are ready for customers. Test management tools can help in managing test cases, te...
2019/06/29   Mirai Ten   601

Export stories from ZenTao in html

Story management is important in software development, which has an impact on managing other aspects involved in software projects. In the Story module of ZenTao, users can manage many types of produc...
2018/08/06   Pedro, Renee   561

Scrum Poker: A Scrum Estimating Tool

Scrum poker, AKA planning poker, is a consensus-based tool for estimating and planning effort/man-hour in software development projects, especially in Agile development, such as Scrum and Extreme Prog...
2017/12/14   Renee   932