How to manage film and television projects with project management software

2019-10-31 21:00:00
Lulu Lee

The national holiday is gone. Our passion for the national celebration has not subsided, and we have high box office movies at the major theaters. Whether it is "My People, My Country" or "The Captain" which based on real events, our era, the communication of various movies, is constantly bringing us closer to our country, even those who are not strangers.

Nowadays, the movie has indeed entered thousands of households, but do you know how the film works behind it? The complexity of a film and television project is no different from software development projects. In an film and television project, the producer is crucial. Producers are people who initiate, coordinate, supervise and manage the production of film and television. They also participate in all stages of the project from production to completion, which is similar to what project managers do in the software development projects. 

In the past, producers often use common office software to  manage the projects, but there were too many parties to work with, and the information gathered from each party is messy and too much and difficult to sort out. Take making our short film project  The Legend of ZenTao as an example to see how producers use project management software to manage film and television projects.

Create Project

Go to Project view and add a project. Enter project related information, such as project name and project time frame.

Set Team

There are a large number of teams involved in the film and television production. According to the actual situation, a Camera team, a Lighting team, a Cast team, a Post-Production team, a Costume and Prop team, and a Promotion team are set for The Legend of ZenTao production. Then enter the available man-hour for each team.

Task Breakdown

Once all teams are set, the next step is to create tasks. Enter the task name, its description, etc. Assign it to the relevant person, and set the time required to finish it.

The whole process is defined and clear, so each team member will be very clear about what have to be do done. Then update the task progress and status in time.

Manage Task

On the page of the task list, you can see all the tasks, which is convenient for the producers to understand the current progress of each team, and to find and deal with the problems in the project.

Besides, the work of the producer is often messy, but it can be managed in the ZenTao.

Personal Todo Management

Go to Dashboard, and select the Schedule -> add Todo -> record recent work as todos, so that no work is missed; todos can be prioritized according to the importance of work.

If a todo conflicts with other tasks, assign it to other team members to do it.


Professional project management software help the project avoid detours in the production. If you also have a team facing the same cumbersome management problems, you should try ZenTao or search for project management software to help you solve the problem.