Are you doing fake Agile?

Is Agile really useless? Or you just use it in the wrong way.
2021/03/25   Taotao & Melon   402

Office Suite Integration With Project Management Tools

When it comes to choose an office suite, the first thing you would think of is Microsoft Office. Whether installed as standalone or as part of the subscription, it is chunky and expensive. Are there a...
2020/10/09   Sam Tuo   570

ZenTao Open Platform: How to release your extension

ZenTao Open Platform is enabled on for ZenTao users who know how to code and extend features to upload extensions. This article is about how to release extensions on the platform and do win-win with ZenTao.
2020/03/22   ZenTao ALM   429

How to manage film and television projects with project management software

The national holiday is gone. Our passion for the national celebration has not subsided, and we have high box office movies at the major theaters. Whether it is "My People, My Country" or "The Ca...
2019/10/31   Lulu Lee   532

Privilege in ZenTao 3: Standalone Privileges

Avinash Jain, a Infrastructure Security Engineer, published an article on August 2, exposing JIRA, a widely used issue-tracking software worldwide. It is stated in his article that the loophole in JIR...
2019/08/01   Mirai Ten   913

Privilege in ZenTao 2: Product/Project Privileges

ZenTao is a project management software for software development projects. Management in ZenTao starts with adding a product. On the page of Create Product, users will be able to set the access contro...
2019/08/01   Mirai Ten   1054

Privilege in ZenTao 1: View Privileges

ZenTao, as a Scrum tool, has privilege management designed for transparency and openness. However, this does not mean the access control should be void. Actually, privilege management  in Ze...
2019/08/01   Mirai Ten   1047

FAQ: What is the relation between ZenTao and Scrum?

Visitors to ZenTao website would often ask what ZenTao is and how ZenTao is related to Scrum. ZenTao users are usually familiar with Agile and would like to implement Agile in their team. So let's see...
2019/07/25   Mirai Ten   771

Multilingual translation add-on for ZenTao is released!

ZenTao translation add-on is released!ZenTao was at first offered in Chinese and English. Very offered it is asked whether ZenTao is offered in French,German, Italian, Turkish, etc. Some of our...
2019/07/19   Renee Teng   768

FAQ: Can I get notified of any changes in ZenTao?

Transparency and openness are both important to Scrum team. Being open about our work helps create transparency to our progress. Without transparency, any attempts to inspect and adapt will be flawed....
2019/07/14   Mirai Ten   701