ZenTao Open Platform: How to release your extension

2020-03-22 09:49:45
ZenTao ALM
摘要:ZenTao Open Platform is enabled on ZenTao.pm for ZenTao users who know how to code and extend features to upload extensions. This article is about how to release extensions on the platform and do win-win with ZenTao.

The open platform is based on ZenTao ALM, the project management software from EasyCorp and it is to encourage ZenTao users to release extensions and to take part in the development, as well as to create the ecosystem of project management, so to do win-win with ZenTao developer users.

Platform Advantages

ZenTao application lifecycle management software has a large number of enterprise users, and many of them have requested requirements according to their own business workflow. However, these features cannot be all included in ZenTao development plans. Developer users can code extensions to fulfill their specific needs, and release and sell extensions on this open platform.

Simple framework makes extension development simple. ZenTao ALM is based on ZentaoPHP framework which follows a MVC design, so it is easy to write and maintain codes. The built-in extension mechanism can greatly facilitate customized development. ZenTao ALM is open source, so developers can study the development of ZenTao extensions.

How to Release Extensions on ZenTao.pm

1. Login ZenTao website and go to your user center. You will find Open Platform on the left. Click it and click Join NOW.

2. Enter the information about your developer profile. PayPal is the only way to receive the payment currently.

3. Click Save and you will see the Status of your developer application. Once it is passed, you will receive an email notification and then you can upload extensions to ZenTao Open Platform.

4. Click My Extension on the right and all you extensions uploaded will be listed here. Click Create Extension button at the upper right to start uploading.

5. You can upload the extension package and the information will be automatically fill in the blanks. If Skip, you should enter the information below.

  • Category: choose feature extension or patch
  • Code: >=3 letters and numbers as alias
  • Type: extension types
  • Website: your official website
  • Copyright:
  • Tag: keywords that help users find your extension
  • Extension: your extension name
  • Abstract: a few words to describe what your extension can do
  • Description: detailed description of what your extension can do
  • Installation: steps to install the extension

  • Version: extension version number
  • Compatible: ZenTao versions that are compatible with the extension
  • Incompatible: ZenTao versions that are incompatible with the extension
  • Package: extension package
  • Download: the URL to download your extension if not uploaded to the platform
  • Public: whether ZenTao login is required to download the extension
  • Point: points required to redeem in order to get this extension
  • Type: free or charged fee
  • Conflict: other extensions that this extension might be dependent on
  • License: which license your extension is under
  • Language: all the languages that your extension support
  • Changelog: the changes in this version

6. After you finish this part, you will see it listed on My Extension.

You can edit the information, versions, screenshots and delete it. After the extension is reviewed by our team, you will see it listed on our website. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at troy@easycorp.ltd.


  • Code the extension with its relevant information, especially the abstract, description, and installation, so it can be read and auto filled in the blanks when you it on the open platform.
  • Screenshots should be 520-600px wide for better experience.