Set ZenTao runtime environment in CentOS

PreparationSet up LAMP environment in CentOS, and then install ZenTao.Install Apache, My SQL, and PHP. Then test whether LAMP is setup.Install ZenTaoDownload the latest source code package from ...
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Looking for a DevOps management tool?

VersionOne recently released the 12th Annual State of Agile Survey. It has an overview of agile adoption and experience in companies, benefits of agile, agile methods and practices, agile success and ...
2018/09/13   Renee   1455

Product roadmap and plan tools

A product has to be planned and set priorities. A product roadmap is a plan that matches business goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. Roadmaps often focus on featur...
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DevOps Management in ZenTao

DevOps is quite a popular concept nowadays, which is to combine software development(Dev) and software operations (Ops). According to Jez Humble, DevOps is “a cross-disciplinary community of prac...
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禅道是一款开源的全生命周期项目管理软件,基于敏捷和CMMI管理理念进行设计,集产品管理、项目管理、质量管理、文档管理、组织管理和事务管理于一体,完整覆盖研发项目管理的核心流程。 禅道管理思想注重实效,功能完备丰富,操作简洁高效,搜索功能强大,统计报表丰富多样,软件架构合理,扩展灵活。禅道可提供全生命周期项目管理解决方案、端到端的DevOps解决方案、自动化测试解决方案。全生命...
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Scrum Glossary in ZenTao

ZenTao is a management tool designed for Agile methodology, Scrum especially. You might be wondering whether you have to adopt Agile methodology if you want to use ZenTao. The answer is NO. You can do...
2018/07/27   Renee   1382

Export stories in ZenTao

The methodical approach for writing the requirements in application development is to write a detailed Product Requirements Document (PRD). However, more and more organizations are using Agile methodo...
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Implement Scrum Using ZenTao

Scrum is all about increment and iterations. It attaches great importance to communications among team members.Scrum, not like Waterfall which requires everything to be ready at the beginning of the ...
2018/06/01   Renee   1584