FAQ: Can I move bugs from one project to another?

Bug tracking is essential to product management. Some ZenTao users asked questions like whether they can move bugs from one project to the other.I suppose that I can move/copy bugs and test cases f...
2019/07/04   Mirai Ten   1430

FAQ: Does ZenTao have Wiki?

 image source https://helpjuice.com/blog/corporate-wikiWikis are flexible web pages that can be edited by multiple users so to help project team members to collaborate on project doc...
2019/07/02   Mirai Ten   1711

Batch Actions in ZenTao

Batch actions can expedite your information processing and save your time entering it to your management system.Batch actions in ZenTao generally involve the four key items in ZenTao, namely S...
2019/07/01   Mirai Ten   1244

FAQ: Is Ioncube installation required in ZenTao?

Q: Is ionCube required for ZenTao Pro?ZenTao premium versions, Pro, Enterprise and Group versions, are encrypted, so ionCube loader is required to run ZenTao.If you download the one...
2019/06/17   Michi Ten   1071

FAQ: What is the metric to track the progress of finishing the story, such as story point?

Q: What is the metric to track the progress of finishing the story, such as story point?As  a lot of ZenTao users have tried Jira before they chose ZenTao, they tended to ask questions whether...
2019/06/14   Michi Ten   1645


2019/05/26   Michi Ten   989

Do you want a collaborative tool for your productive IT team?

Being productive is the ultimate goal for every team. You might have already tried all kinds of tools, Jira, Asana, TimeDoctor, You name it! For an IT team, a collaborative tool should have...
2019/02/14   Amber   820

Parent-Child task in ZenTao

If a task is chunky and requires several users to do, it usually would be divided into child tasks. A child task is relatively small and manageable size of work. In ZenTao, you can create a task and t...
2019/01/25   Renee   939

Back up MySQL in ZenTao

This instruction applies to server change from Windows to Linux.Download a one-click installation package for Linux, and unzip it to /opt.cd /opt wget http://dl.cnezsoft.com/zentao/8.2.1/ZenTaoPMS.8.2...
2019/01/12   John   951

Document management and access control in ZenTao

Project documentation is to create, store, and distribute documents submitted in a development project. It happens that documentation is not properly done and that causes no document to refer to ...
2019/01/11   Amber   993